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God Wasn’t Ready For Me Yet…

I lay there at a crossroads, my time was standing still,

My body shaking violently, feeling very, very ill.

All that could be done, was to wait for the poison to leave,

Every inch of my body hurting with the waves of every heave.

How did I get to this point? At the cost of my own hands.

A Mother, a daughter, a wife… this wasn’t part of my plans.

Will I stay or will I go? The choice I didn’t get.

I was very lucky. God wasn’t ready for me yet.

From ashes we begin, and to ashes we will return,

Nobody knows how many hours our candle will burn.

We all live for purpose, searching for our reason to be,

But it’s only when we look up, we find the answer, you see.

We are all given a gift, this life to spend as we please,

We often forget to give back to Him, to fall to our knees.

What is life worth, without our Saviour and Lord?

One not worth living. Yet eternal life, we can all afford.

For God sent his son, knowingly here to take his last breath,

Beaten and crucified, yet not fearing His own death.

To save all our souls, every one of us can receive,

An eternity of life, freedom… and peace.

Hand in hand with our Lord, and loved ones gone by,

We will leave the prison of the body and rise up to the sky.

What legacy do we wish to leave in our memory?

I wish for love, respect and to be surrounded by family.

For the day I attend my very last sermon on earth,

I will not fear death, but celebrate my new birth.

When the hour arrives that I unite with you Lord,

I will come, just as I am, all tattered and torn.

I hope to leave behind a faithful life, in your name,

With nothing to regret, no reason to feel shame.

Whilst I’m given a second chance on this earth,

Not a day will go by I won’t thank you for my worth.

– Beq Ryan

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