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The Comfort Zone πŸ’€

Today, I’m choosing to stay within my comfort zone. And that’s okay! For today…

We all have a ‘comfort zone’ or place or state of being where stress and anxiety is minimal because you know where you are and can plan for whatever comes next.

We are all wired to seek comfort.

But it’s not healthy to stay in this zone!

Can you imagine evolving as a human being if you didn’t step out of your zone? πŸ€”

Does it feel comfortable outside the zone? Not usually….

But will you be okay? Yes.

I am completely, utterly and without question a ‘control freak’! So I feel good being in my zone. (I initially wrote ‘happy’ but chose to change it to ‘good’ because staying in the zone did not achieve happiness for me).

But I chose to sit within my zone for most of 2018 and did not achieve anything except self destruction, misery and regret. πŸ˜–

Change happened for me in late 2018, which was in part not by choice but by necessity, and I’d have to say I’m now living between the ‘Learning Zone’ and the ‘Growth Zone’. πŸ’š

It feels different. It’s hard to explain.

But I know my comfort zone is no longer confined to my bedroom, but it has extended out to my whole house, my suburb, the places I frequent and even new places with familiar company. πŸ€—

Extending my comfort zone makes me feel uncomfortable at the time, but gives me such a great sense of achievement once it’s over and I can return to my zone and reflect on what I’ve achieved. πŸ†

And now that I know what that feeling feels like, I crave it! 😁

Living in this new state of being is exhausting but it feels healthy. πŸ’ͺ🏻

(But it’s important not to push yourself too far where the healthy stress turns into unhealthy stress from trying to achieve too much – know your limits!).

So when you decide to have faith and take the first step out of your zone, you will no doubt feel afraid and uncomfortable. But when you’ve had enough, you can step back into your zone. ❀️

When you’ve done this enough times to prove to yourself that fear is okay, you will want to take another step into dealing with fears in a healthy way and setting yourself new goals. πŸ‘πŸ»

I think the ultimate goal for everyone is to ‘Live Dreams!’, but the only way to get there is to actively take the steps!

Reasons to step out of your zone?

– Challenging yourself can help you perform at your peak,

– Taking risks is what helps us grow,

– Trying new things can make you more creative, and

– Embracing new challenges can help you age better.

As we grow older, our inbuilt ‘risk taking’ nature tends to grow out of us and we limit our time spent outside of our comfort zone. This only leads to a mediocre life.

But if we keep expanding on our comfort zone, bit by bit, we are opening ourselves up to greater fulfilment and living dreams!

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